RFID Noticias

Relatório do Evento Aeroespacial e Defesa 2018

RFID Aids Space Exploration
Palestrante: Patrick Fink, REALM (RFID Logistics) Principal Investigator Chief Technologist, Wireless & Communication Systems, NASA, Johnson Space Center
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BAE Systems Improves Manufacturing and Inventory Capability With RFID
Palestrante: Deirdre Schmidt, Operations Excellence Leader, BAE Systems
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IT Asset Management
Palestrante: Master Sergeant Thu Dahl, Enterprise IT Asset Manager, Air National Guard
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Transforming A&D Supply Chains With IoT Sensor Integration
Palestrante: Patrick Lubinski, Director of Business Development, Tapestry Solutions (a Boeing Company)
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A Strategic Approach to RFID
Palestrante: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
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