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O ano que passou

Energy-Harvesting Sensors to Monitor Health of Jet Engines
The wireless sensors will be utilized to monitor engine bearings on F-35 Joint Strike Fighters while in flight, using their turbines' heat to power RFID transmission.

NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art Adopts RFID
The Met's Cloisters branch is using a wireless sensor system from IBM Research to manage data regarding temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions around artwork.

DB Schenker Uses Temperature-logging Tags to Monitor Drug Shipments
The German logistics services provider is using RFID to track the conditions under which sensitive pharmaceuticals and reagents are transported to the United States.

RFID Keeps Engine Noise in Check at Racecourse
The Nurburgring Motorsport Complex is using a system from sound engineers BeSB, featuring Identec Solutions' RFID technology, to identify the amount of sound made by vehicles passing through residential areas.

É emocionante ver estas aplicações se proliferando. A capacidade de obter informações sobre a condição de um objeto no mundo real pode oferecer um benefício adicional para as empresas e ajudá-las a alcançar um retorno sobre o seu investimento (ROI) na tecnologia RFID.

Mark Roberti é o fundador e editor do RFID Journal.