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Alaska's Dept. of Transportation Mixes Asphalt and RFID
With help from the University of Alaska, the DOT is evaluating how radio frequency identification can be used to track the amount of time that passes between the moment a truck is first loaded with asphalt and the instant the hot mixture is dumped.

BP Uses RFID Sensors to Track Pipe Corrosion
The system, provided by Permasense, enables the oil company to monitor pipe thickness at its refineries worldwide.

Beverage Metrics Serves Up Drink-Management Solution
The system's active RFID tags can track the amount of liquor poured at a restaurant or bar, while also tracking bottle inventory in the back room and enabling the billing of beverage purchases at banquets.

New Mexico Scientists Use RFID to Explore Caves
University researchers are developing a wireless sensor system to track conditions within caverns and in other subterranean environments, following a test conducted at El Malpais National Monument Park.

RFID Sensors Track Sleep Patterns
With iMPak Health's SleepTrak system, consumers can don an RFID tag on their arm at bedtime, and built-in motion sensors will then track the quality of their sleep.

Cordex Launches Handheld Pipe-Testing System
The solution includes a handheld ultrasonic sensor with a built-in RFID reader to identify the locations of specific sections of pipe and measure their thickness, along with software to analyze the compiled data.